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If you enjoy playing the game of soccer then you should indulge in PES 2020 game! Pro Evolution Soccer or PES 2020 is an entertaining football game that has been published and developed by Konami. The game can be enjoyed on IOS as well as Android gadgets just like Pes 2020 cheats. Your success in the game depends on several factors like availability of in-game currencies, gaming skills, training your team, etc. Here are some important aspects mentioned that will help you in succeeding in the PES 2020 game:



The gaming developers have provided different control mechanisms for novice and professional players. Gamers who are playing the game for the first time should use the basic control mechanism. In the basic control system, you can manage the entire game by focusing on two controls, which are swipe to shoot and tap for passing the ball.

On the other hand, the professional gamers should select the advanced level of controls. In the advanced control mechanism, they can make use of varied buttons for passing, shooting, tackling, etc. This feature of the game attracts innumerable gamers across the globe, irrespective of their level of skills in playing such genre of games.




Whether you need to acquire new players, enhance their energy levels, or renew their contracts, you will need plenty of GP as is the main in-game currency. There are several ways to earn GP in the game so keep playing in order to earn innumerable number of GP. Plenty of GP will ensure that you progress quickly in your favorite game.

How To Earn GP In PES 2020 Game?

  • Complete the numerous achievements and events accessible in the game to earn GP.
  • Sync in your gaming account with PES 2020 social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. You will receive a good amount of GP at the time of connecting your gaming account.
  • You will come across several goals in the game. When you complete them, you earn GP as rewards.
  • The gaming developers give daily bonuses in the form of XP and GP to all those players who login to the game each day. Even if you do not have time to play the game, you should login to acquire the rewards. Moreover, the daily reward bonus will enhance with each succeeding day, so keep playing!
  • To acquire infinite amount of GP at one-time you should consider using PES 2020 hacks. You can use them whenever you are in need of in-game currencies.

MyClub Coins:

If you want to add premium players to your team, then you need to purchase them with MyClub Coins. The MyClub Coins are special in-game currencies that can even be used for hiring premium managers, availing loans for players, etc.

How To Earn MyClub Coins In PES 2020 Game?

  • The lone method to earn MyClub Coins in the game is by participating in League Matches. However, the amount of coins earned will depend on your performance in the League Matches. So, if you are able to get high ranks in the matches, then you will be able to earn plenty of MyClub Coins.
  • Another way to earn them is by spending real cash. However, most of the gamers do not prefer buying virtual currency with legal tender. For such players, there are PES 2020 cheats that can help in generating unlimited amount of in-game currencies instantly.

Energy Points:

Whether you are playing a single player mode or a multi-player mode, your team members will require plenty of Energy Points. It is a vital resource that is needed for participating in various matches. If you are falling short of Energy Points then you will not be able to play matches. There are two ways to acquire Energy Points – buy it from the game store or wait for sometime till it gets generated automatically.

Trading Numerous Players:

You can procure new players for your team by visiting the Player Auction house. At the Player Auction house, you will be able to buy players for a very low price as most of them are new and unskilled. You need to enhance their skills by making them participate in various matches. As they keep playing, their skills will get enhanced and they will level up. These high-leveled players can be later put up for auction so that you earn profits by selling them for a good price. These profits will be in the form of GP, the in-game currency.

Few Tricks On Defending:

To secure victories in the matches, you need to learn the tricks of defending. A few vital tips have been mentioned below:

  • Each player has varied strengths and weaknesses. So, you must have a number of defenders in your team. Each one of them should have a strength that can complement with the fellow defender. For instance; one defender should have high physical strength while the other one should have good body balance.
  • Don’t just go rushing towards the opponent; instead keep an eye on the attacker and select the right time to shoot the ball.
  • Make use of different defending techniques by checking the location of the ball. For instance; you need to use diverse techniques when the ball is in opponent’s half, or is near the corner flag, or is in the centre of the field.

Amazing Strategies To Improve Your Gameplay In PES 2020 Game:

  • If you are a newbie in the game, then it is advisable to play as a lower level team for some time. This will help you in gaining skills, selecting the right players for your team, and train them to achieve success in tricky matches.
  • Playing series of PVE matches in the campaign mode are easy in the beginning. However, they get pretty tough as you keep progressing with the game. So, play them in the start of your game and then you may consider playing Event mode as it will let you earn plenty of experience and in-game items.
  • If you want to have a real-time playing experience then you need to play the Online Mode. In this gaming mode, the opponent is selected randomly among thousands of other online gamers across the world.
  • The PES 2020 game will only get better with time and training. The more you practice your moves, the better you will be able to play! Learn different skills of the game and try using them as much as you can. This will even make you unpredictable for the opponents.
  • Always shoot the ball by getting closer to the goal as the chances of it reaching the goal gets higher than shooting from long ranges.

Now that you are aware of the various important aspects of the game, start playing PES 2020 now as it is one of the finest soccer games available on pocket platforms and don’t forget to try some Pes 2020 cheats that are mentioned in comments.





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  1. I really like pes because it is free,reality,and a really really good,imean amazing game.somtimes i really get mad in the packs because i am unlucky in the packs. But i still love the packs.

  2. what a good game!challenging me and teach me how to be a pro footballer and surviving with the high-rated players around the really in trouble when they asked about renewal the contract.i am really thankful with this application and i will get more valuable packs:)

  3. I really like pes because it is free,reality,and a really really good,imean amazing game.somtimes i really get mad in the packs because i am unlucky in the packs. But i still love the packs.

  4. Personally the game has done me bad too much time. It always crashes while I’m opening ball packs and I’m just tired of it and I think it’s time for my time to win.i love the game very much and has been playing this game from I just downloaded it about 8 days ago I love it very much and I think it is one of the best football games ever.

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